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MS01 Sneaker

MS01 Sneaker

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Our first original design's silhouette is based on a classic American running shoe with modern style lines and patchwork pieces.

Handmade from repurposed vintage military surplus materials: the upper is made from an up-cycled field jacket liner, dead stock leather, and a vintage army ammunition bag. 

The canvas, twill tape, and button loops from the ammunition bag were repurposed to create the tongue loops, back tabs, and quarter panels.

Each heel counter is reinforced with natural vegetable tanned leather and stitched directly onto the midsole. 

The button cuffs from the jacket liner have been added as details to the vamp of the shoe, and the button holes can be used as an additional lacing system. 

It can be worn as a "convertible" style with the quarter panels of the shoe worn buttoned up or down. 


  • Blake-stitched construction which is commonly used in higher quality leather shoes. This also allows for the sneaker to be resoled many times over. 

  • Midsole is made from leather allowing it to shape to your foot over time for additional comfort as it breaks in. 

  • ECO-step outsole by Vibram™️ is made from 30% recycled rubber yet maintains the abrasion resistance as traditional rubber 

  • Lifetime warranty. Includes a free resole once the tread or EVA (white midsole) has worn through.
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