How does this work?

First you need to determine what shoes you’d like resoled, re-designed or sole swapped.

From there you can opt for a custom re-sole where we add a new sole with welt and sidewall with a Vibram sole of your choice. Or you can opt for a custom re-design in which we will rebuild your shoes in a way that is unique to the original design. We also offer sole swaps.

From there you’ll check out as usual. You will then receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to ship your shoes. Once we receive your shoes we will reach out to confirm all design details.

Can I tour the workshop?

Unfortunately no. Our workshop appointments are for customer appointments only.

Can you repair my shoes?

Possibly. We only accept mail in shoe repair services alongside a full resole.

First please send us an email at info@shopgoodsandservices.com to determine whether the job is possible (photos are greatly encouraged).

Do you repair / resole regular shoes like boots or heels?

Yes! While we specialize in sneaker resoling, we can resole boots or any other shoes. Again, any basic services like stitching, dyeing, stretching, or cleaning is only offered in addition to a resole. We recommend taking your shoes to your local cobbler if you aren’t ready for a full resole.

Do you accept returns?

Due to the custom nature of our services we do not accept returns.

How much do repairs cost?

Each repair job is unique so it’s best to receive a customized quote.

Email us with questions and photos at info@shopgoodsandservices.com

How long will it take to receive my shoes back?

Currently, our lead time for custom resoles, re-designs, and custom handmade is anywhere from 4-5 weeks from the date we receive your shoes.

If you’re local to LA and can pick them up we can usually get them done earlier if requested.

What kind of glues, machines, materials, etc do you use? I want to learn more!

Due to the amount of questions we receive about this topic we have started a Patreon where we share all details/materials about the process.

Can you make bespoke shoes for me?

We will take on a small amount of custom made shoes, however our lead time is roughly 3-4 months.

Do you do full restorations, can you make my shoes look brand new?

No. If you’re looking to have your shoes look brand new (i.e. they are limited edition, collectible, etc), we do not take on this kind of work. IF however, your shoes are in bad condition and you would like them resoled and cleaned we recommend a sole swap or custom resole.

Can you make a sample for my brand?

No. We only create custom shoes for personal use. We are not a factory and do not do production.

Do you make handmade Nikes or replicas?

No we do not make replicas. We specialize in combining traditional shoe making techniques and modern sneaker shapes using vegetable tanned leather and other sustainable materials to create bespoke shoes and sneakers.

We will not re-create or customize a sneaker to look like a replica, collectable, or collaboration.