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Adidas Superstar Handmade Leather Resole

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  • Wet molded vegetable tanned leather toe cap with signature Adidas indents. 
  • Hand cut vegtan leather Adidas stripes 
  • Leather side hole venting 
  • Vegtan leather sidewall with Vibram™️ Mini Ripple sole
  • ’Goods & Services’ imprint on stripes
  • Vegtan laces

Available in all sizes in limited qtys.

For this style you have the option to either send us your Adidas or we will source the shoes for you.

Please see pricing options by clicking YES or NO.

These are made to order. 
Shoes ship in 4-5 weeks either from date of purchase or when we receive your shoes. 

 1. Check out and pay as usual
2. You will receive a confirmation email.
This email will include instructions on how to ship us your shoes.
3. Ship us your shoes
4. We will confirm all details.
Before we get started we will confirm all details such as sole, color, etc.

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Limited-time Promotion - Cleaner add on

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Goods & Services Cleaner ADD ON

  • Add on price with any resole.
  • Works with any type of shoe made from leather, suede, rubber, canvas, nubuck, vinyl.
  • Comes with wooden brush with coarse bristles for a deep clean and deep saturation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does this work?
First you need to decide if you'd like to send us your own pair of Adidas Superstars or have us source. The price is reflected between these two options. 

Check out and pay as usual. If you select the option for us to source the shoe there's nothing else you need to do. 

If you select to send your own pair you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to ship us your shoes. 

From there you will receive your shoes back within 4-5 weeks that we have received your shoes.

Whether you select to send your own or have us source your Adidas, these are made to order. 
Do you accept returns?
Due to the custom nature of our services we do not accept returns. 
How long will it take for me to receive my shoes?
Currently, our lead time for custom resoles, re-designs, and custom handmade is anywhere from 4-5 weeks from the date we receive your shoes.

If you’re local to LA and can pick them up we can usually get them done earlier if requested.